What’s the point of visiting The Strip without taking a gamble? Well, we have got a game for you to play. It’s the only game in town and there’s no one else around that’s offering something like this.

The rules are simple and everyone plays, whether you’ve got a story to contribute or just want to consume.

The numbers to hit:

[highlight bg="#000000" color="#ffffff"] 25 [/highlight],[highlight bg="#000000" color="#ffffff"] 50 [/highlight],[highlight bg="#000000" color="#ffffff"] 100 [/highlight],[highlight bg="#000000" color="#ffffff"] 250 [/highlight]

[box title="JACKPOT" color="#e30000"]500[/box]

Read the One Story Stud rules here, but we’ll cut to the chase – how to win the Full Jackpot.

When the full issue has been downloaded 250 times, we hit a partial Jackpot. Contributors get 1/4 of the profits from sales. Have a drink on us and celebrate! What other publication gives this kind of payout?

If the full issue hits 500 downloads, then the whole damn place is gonna celebrate, and that includes our readers! One lucky reader is chosen at random to split 1/3 of the profit from the full issue with the contributors. Pop the champagne, more downloads equals more money for everyone.

Thanks for taking a gamble with us!