| All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day
| Put the pieces back together my way /

| All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day
| Swallow up the pieces, spit em at your species

- Daylight/Nightlight

Memorials are a way to keep what is beyond us, the past, with us in the present. They are monuments to death and destruction, dressed up as a tribute and as such are disgusting. We fetishize death and the past through memorials.

As the federal government actually falls apart around us, one week into the shutdown one of the strangest “battlegrounds” has been our memorials. Veterans “stormed” the World War II memorial, which was shutdown like the rest of the government since it’s a government site. However, conservatives who threatened the shutdown and now refer to it as a “slimdown,” feel this, this is just going too far. Conflict over a site memorializing conflict, how fucking meta.

I am not a fan of how bloated our bureaucracy has become, but there are 800,000 public servants not getting paid. To place that into perspective, from August to September, 2013, the U.S. gained 169,000 jobs (which was pretty damn good), which means a government shutdown immediately reverses nearly half a year of economic progress, indefinitely.

Where is there outrage for the suffering of the living? Even as congress members continue to receive paychecks, nutrition programs for the elderly, like Meals on Wheels, are not deemed “essential.” We’re creeping closer to 9 million mothers and children losing WIC food vouchers.

The dead are fucking dead, and we fetishize monuments to their memory without learning the lesson. Marble mausoleums around the country silently cry, unable to get the living to listen:

“Learn from the past! Don’t glorify this! Don’t let this happen again!”

So instead of getting angry that we can’t get into the memorials, let’s tear them all down. Congress, every time you feel the urge to vote on another obelisk to pay obeisance to death through over-compensation, appropriate those funds to the living. I like the idea of useful programs, but hell, throw cash at the veterans if you want. I’m sure most of them can use money over marble.

It feels Shakespearean when we have to turn to comedians to put the completely misplaced outrage into perspective: