Release in T-2 and Counting

  Only 2 days until the release of our first issue! Look for awesome work by Parke Cooper, Jane Edwards, Sheila McMullin, Michael Price, Bruce Robinson, Marius Surleac, and Christian Winn.

  Maybe that weird feeling you have of being outside of things is real, but maybe that means you ARE a creative person. But then what happens when you stick a bunch of ...


We are reading and judging people--and you can expect our very first issue on May 1! We have some absolutely Strip-tastic stuff we're dying to show you, so thanks for waiting ...

Empathetic Elephants

Turns out elephants are kinder than quite a few humans:

Stripping Down Writing Myths

Part of an awesome series by The Rejectionist on writers who struggle with mental illness and how they keep writing--and how different it is from the romanticized Hemingway-drunken-lechery myth of ...

12 Exes, 20 Days

Making sure that everyone knows there are only 20 more days left to submit to The Strip for the inaugural issue. Still not sure what the Egoists here are looking ...

One Month Left

Reminder, submissions for the inaugural issue close on December 31! If you haven't submitted, what's taking you so long? Can't figure out where to go? Don't take too long polishing ...