One Story Stud

For one quarter (3 months for the guys and gals without green visors) your story is up for individual downloading, like songs on iTunes. Hit 25 downloads: you get 25% of the profit. It’s simple, until 25 individual downloads, you see nothing. At 25 downloads, you get one-quarter of the profit on those downloads. Now you’re getting paid. Hit 50 downloads: you get 50% of the profit on downloads 25-50. From 25 to 49 downloads, you’re still making 25%, but hit 50 and the last 25 downloads jump up to making you 50% of the profit. Hit 100 downloads: you get 100% of the profit on the remaining downloads. This is your story and you earned it – after 100 downloads, the profit goes straight to your pocket.

The Full Jackpot:

One story stud is a solo effort, but the full issue is a team bet. This is the one game when the house is betting on you. If we hit a jackpot, everyone wins, including the readers. Full issue hits 250 downloads: the contributors split 25% of the profits on the full issue. This is a partial jackpot and nothing to be ashamed of. Full issue hits 500 downloads: everyone wins. The contributors and 1 lucky reader split one-third of the profits on the full issue. You hit the full Jackpot, baby. Celebrate, have one on the house.

The numbers to hit: 25 , 50 , 100 , 250


Fine print: rules are subject to change (read: the whims of the house). Any changes will be posted and contributors notified. Overhead will be deducted from earnings on the full issue before earnings on individual stories unless otherwise stated.