From Ars Technica – “Meet the men who spy on women through their webcams”


Worth noting and asking, here:

1. I hope it’s lost on no one that use of the “remote administration tool (RAT)” is called ratting and its users ratters, as in, “these filthy rats, scum of the earth, the bubonic plague of the 21st-centurty global psyche.” Why doesn’t the article call any attention to that? I was admiring the objective journalistic style until I realized someone should be pointing out the metaphor — nay, lauding it and drenching it in satire — and getting some exterminators up in hurr

2. I also hope the nonchalant use of the word “slaves” to describe the victims rubs readers the wrong way, as well. Compare this to slavery pre-1865, a la Amistad and Django and Frederick Douglas and all that: are people still your slaves if they have no idea what you’re doing to them? The idea here is yes because the second a ratter decides to toy with or blackmail the “slave”, control is recognized between both parties and it’s obvious who’s in charge. But why can’t we argue no and say that ratters just invent an imaginary world to rule that no one (except a few similarly-jazzed-and-jizzing peers) knows about, where life-altering consequences are rare, where all you have to do is change/justify/excuse/ignore certain moral or ethical tenets and suddenly you are a king except to actually nothing at all?

3. Why don’t 14-year-old boys have anything better to do? Whose fault — an out-of-touch, ignorant parent? A bad teacher? A bored-ass kid with too much internet?

4. What is better: a future full of renegade ratters and high-tech law enforcement, or a future where we all close our laptops for a minute and go actually talk to girls (or guys) again? Or in other words: Why can’t we all just get along?

5. Is real life better than fake life or vice versa? Is real life fake life and vice versa? Why power?