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Empathetic Elephants

Turns out elephants are kinder than quite a few humans:

Stripping Down Writing Myths

Part of an awesome series by The Rejectionist on writers who struggle with mental illness and how they keep writing--and how different it is from the romanticized Hemingway-drunken-lechery myth of ...

12 Exes, 20 Days

Making sure that everyone knows there are only 20 more days left to submit to The Strip for the inaugural issue. Still not sure what the Egoists here are looking ...

Not Every Story Has a Happy Ending

This find comes from Egoist I, Hilary Gan: It's a great reminder that connections in the classroom are often made in unexpected ways. Sometimes the kid with neck tattoos is a ...

Yetis Are Real: What Now

I have recently gotten hooked on The Newsroom, and one of my favorite episodes is the one where Neil is trying to convince everyone of the possibility that Bigfoot is ...

We Are Proud

  to present one of 2013's top five poseurs, our very own John Dwyer, whose tongue-in-cheek analysis of porn stars' tattoos flew over the heads of the multitude here:

Gangster Geishas

Cool third-culture creativity from iona ROZEAL and Works & Days Quarterly. Wonder what I -- me, a little white girl -- would look like in Samurai form. Like Mulan meets Barbie-Kelly, ...