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Introducing Bruce Robinson!

  Bruce Robinson's poems 'O Pioneers' and 'The Boot,' parts of from: of Sondry Folk, tell a cowboy tale of man and wife and the other kinds of belonging that get in ...

Introducing Sheila McMullin!

Sheila McMullin's four-part prose poem 'Translated: All Is Wisdom' is not a translation in the traditional sense--but the title fits. Birds and thorns and fences are made into a language we ...

Introducing Christian Winn!

  Christian Winn's story 'Tuesday' is a nice icy break from this sweltering (or stormy) spring. While Tuesday is normally a day that's hard to get through, Christian Winn might make you change ...

Introducing Parke Cooper!

  Today we're so pleased to produce Parke Cooper's 'The Live Action Role-Playing Convention is Decadent and Depraved,' a memoir/essay/weirdo hybrid (his words) about LARP trolls. The title pays homage to the ...

And Liftoff!

  Alright readers, Issue 1 of  The Strip is finally here! In case you forgot how this works, if we sell 500+ copies of the whole issue ($3.99), one lucky reader ...

Release in T-2 and Counting

  Only 2 days until the release of our first issue! Look for awesome work by Parke Cooper, Jane Edwards, Sheila McMullin, Michael Price, Bruce Robinson, Marius Surleac, and Christian Winn.

  Maybe that weird feeling you have of being outside of things is real, but maybe that means you ARE a creative person. But then what happens when you stick a bunch of ...