Egoist I: Hilary Gan

Sample of things she likes: Charles Bukowski, Bob Dylan, banana splits, meteorological fall, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, marine life, well-placed curse words, The David, fluffy kittens, egomaniacs, knee-high boots, vegetable soups, Lloyd Alexander, Robin McKinley, Epictetus, building stuff out of wood, hockey, well-folded bath towels.

Egoist II: John Dwyer

Sample of things he likes: alliteration, whiskey, poetry, blue, frayed/undone/unfinished edges, women, chocolate, hook-ups that make you cry BDA, jumping into chest-high ocean waves, the desert when it dims, intelligence that cuts, my own strength, loyalty, a burning in my throat, myth-making, dogs, tattoos, flowers, travel, temples.

Egoist III: Melissa Gutierrez – Magical Princess of Kindness (MPK)

Sample of things she likes: creme brulee, sushi, Livermore wine, pick-up soccer, that David Gray song “Babylon,” skylights, Groupon yoga studio-hopping, OK Go’s first album, the sun, fake tattoos, emotions, Canyon Road in Santa Fe, basketball on TV, baseball in the stadium, John Steinbeck, capybaras, swimming lessons, gratitude, barbecues.