On The Editors (Egoists I-III)

We basically started The Strip because we think McSweeney’s is a big fat sellout and we do not understand how people have perfected an invisibility cloak but the Paris Review can’t accept electronic submissions.

The Strip is in large part about stroking our own egos and amusing ourselves. And what publication isn’t? We value being honest so much that we’ll do it right here: we, The Editors, have some monumental egos.

We don’t publish work that’s “good” or “conforms to literary conventions” or has “the old verities and truths of the heart.” We love that speech, but William Faulkner is dead and he certainly doesn’t run this publication. We take work we fucking like. Our selection process is totally subjective and we don’t have to justify it to you. This is American writing - you know it when you see it.

On Content

All of our content is downloadable to whatever the most recent form of technology is because, like we said, this is fucking America.

We want stories that knock us on our asses. We don’t want a cover letter. If we don’t know you, we don’t care who you are. We only care about how you write. Did you write this poem while taking care of your cancerous mother? Are terrorists killing people in some malaria-ridden country? In this moment, the one in which we’re reading and trying to escape all that, that matters less than your use of an Oxford comma.

On the Submission Process

We read submissions blind so that we can treat you like the inconsequential flesh-attached-to-a-pen that you are. Some of our editors still have the tendency to treat others like real persons, but we’re working on that.

We USED to promise feedback on every submission we got but TBH that’s probably what killed this mag for 3 years so fuck you, we’re not doing that anymore, take our form letters and paper your bathroom with them.

We don’t have a word limit or minimum because good works are good works. How many words was Slouching Through Bethlehem? ENOUGH WORDS TO IMPRESS US.

On Publishing

Genre divisions are stupid and for booksellers. We are writers. Do you write? Send us your stuff so we can mock it or publish it. We don’t give a shit if you want to call it a lyric prose flash short short or a novella in sestina form. We’re just going to call it writing.